Expanded Polyurethane Technologies for Diversified Markets






TR Polymers has unique customization capabilities to support our customers’ projects. With applications including coatings for attached cushions for residential, commercial carpets and sport-related applications up to 15 feet wide, our products support the following markets:

Polyurethane Chemical Systems:

  • Single and blended polyol systems
  • Single and blended MDI systems
  • Catalysts, surfactants

Coating Services:

  • Residential Attached Cushions – KangaBACK and KangaHYDE
  • Commercial Attached Cushions – KangaTRAC and EPIC-18
  • Sport Surfaces – Tennis court composites, synthetic turf attached cushions (3, 5 & 8mm) and golf practice mat backing systems
  • Specialty PU foams – Footwear in-sole material, stabilized polyurethane cushion composites, carpet and rug paddings.


For more information on how TR Polymers can support your next project, contact our experts today.