The Polyurethane Group began as a new division in 1975, and now has over a 40 year history offering a variety of products built on polyurethane polymer technologies.

Innovation has been the key to the division’s remarkable growth. The initial effort was in floor coverings and in 1978 a U.S. patent was granted for a method of applying a chemically blown liquefied polyurethane to the back of residential carpet in a continuous process, something which had never been done before. The result was an attached polyurethane cushion for residential carpets called KangaBACK.

Since that initial development, we have expanded our polyurethane technologies into many diversified markets such as commercial carpet attached cushions, modular carpet backings, shoe insole cushions, sports and synthetic tuft coatings, bedding/mattresses, and various polyurethane and fabric composites.

The Polyurethane Group’s manufacturing facilities Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001:2015. The Polyurethane Group is also fully committed to the LEEDS Environmental Management System providing many products with environmentally friendly components.

With an unsurpassed dedication to product development, innovative processing techniques and two fully equipped and staffed laboratories, the Polyurethane Group promises a continuing leadership role in working with this remarkable polymer.


  • Polyurethane Chemical systems

    • Single and blended polyol systems
    • Single and blended MDI systems
    • Catalysts, surfactants
  • Coating Services

    • Residential Attached Cushions – KangaBACK and KangaHYDE
    • Commercial Attached Cushions – KangaTRAC and EPIC-18
    • Sport Surfaces – Tennis court composites, synthetic turf attached cushions (3, 5 & 8mm) and golf practice mat backing systems
    • Specialty PU foams – Footwear in-sole material, stabilized polyurethane cushion composites, carpet and rug paddings.