Your Applications

Knowledgeable sales force, laboratory technicians and manufacturing personnel will put their more than 500 years of combined experience to work to understand your needs and deliver solutions to your production challenges.

Some of our application solutions are:

The Patented One-Package Durogan System
This system is the first of its kind on the market. It offers carpet and scatter rug manufacturers a one-step, non-skid product that is embossable and washable. Because the cure package is an integral part of the compound, no mixing of secondary chemical additives is necessary. This eliminates the need for purchasing, storing and mixing the curing package.

Chemically Blown Compounds
PTG offers an alternative to the conventional way of frothing latex using a foaming machine. This unique innovation offers our customers a way to improve their line speeds, use less energy and lower certain raw material costs.

On-site Technical Service
The Technical Services Department is comprised of four representatives who spend a majority of their time at customers’ plants helping assure peak performance of our products as well as maximum efficiency of the customers’ coating equipment. More than a hundred years of experience and dedication to carpet manufacturing and latex compounding assure the customer of quick and effective response to any technical problem occurring at the coating operation. Technical Service also routinely monitors the performance of the coating ovens, including temperature and tenter, to obtain optimal output, and the Department assists plant maintenance personnel in the proper servicing of all latex-related equipment.